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Kickstarter campaign is currently active - Please help bring PawBot to production with your pledge!

Update: April 28th, 2017: KickStarter has reviewed and verified PawBot Application. Please help bring PawBot to production with your pledge



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PawBot is currently in final stages of testing and tuning.


LAUNCH SCHEDULE / estimated dates:

  1. January 16th, 2017 - Announcing PawBot - Website and Video Launch
  2. April 28th, 2017 - Launched crowdfunding / Kickstarter campaign - pre-order your PawBot 
  3. June 21st, 2017 - Start production of PawBot
  4. September 26th, 2017 - PawBot starts shipping out for PawBot Unplugged and PawBot Pro models
  5. Dec 10th, 2017 - PawBot starts shipping out PawBot Engage model


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PawBot can open and serve all standard 3oz and 5.5oz cans. As an example, here are some of the brands PawBot can handle.

Fancy Feast Wet Can Food

Fancy Feast is one of the most popular cat food brand. It is available in cans of 3 oz. It comes in 3 different varieties of Classic, Chunky And Roasted. This brand is loved by cats and you will surely find a flavor that your cat loves. Pawbot can dispense wet can food for all can sizes.

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Robots use many different Mechanical grippers to manipulate objects.

PawBot grippers are designed to be Encompassing Grippers which reduces the mechanican load on the gripper motors once a pet food can has been encompassed within gripper cavity. In comparison, if food can was held using pressure, it would create a continous pressure on the gripper motor which would reduce the life of this motor.


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While autonomous robot arms have been used in car assembly lines and other industrial applications, there has been no such implementation at home. PawBot is first such helper robot arm for home use.

Since 1976, patents have been filed and inventors have been trying to figure out how to open and serve canned food to pets without human interventions. The whole pet dry food multi-billion industry arose out of the need to feed our pets conveniently.

PawBot is the only device on the planet that can be loaded up with multiple pet food cans and PawBot with its built in robot arm will automatically open and serve canned food as needed to your pet. PawBot is easy to use and works out of the box. 

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