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Currently, there is an amazing technology available to help with animal care. Today we discuss whether an automatic feeder can help cats grapple with its waist increasingly.

Veterinarians have concerns about the use of automatic pet feeding devices if people use them as an excuse to go on vacation and let their fur-bearing fur friends. Our veterinarian says - I see too many cats that have been stuck because their owners have lost that are not using the litter box. That said, nearly 50% of our pets are overweight and many of my clients are sick of me upset and really struggling to help their cats lose weight. This is where I really see the potential of an auto feeder like PawBot: Automatic wet food dispenser for Cat & Dogs.


Time based feeding

Cats are creatures of habit, routine love and cats that line the little neurotic, have irregular food times can be stressful. Cats also prefer to eat little and often and are metabolically oriented grazing. For owners who sometimes spend 12 hours of their cats, this can be a problem and lead to a cat waking up at night for food to compensate for periods of "hunger" during the day. Many cats are successful pastors and self-regulate their food intake. The fight happens when we have cats that eat breakfast all at once, then feel hungry the rest of the day and frenzy again in the evening.

Automatic Dispensers

This is where the automatic pet feeding device is delivered in its own. There is not the real magic to lose weight. Just move more, eat less. But even for people this simple formula can be problematic. The traditional hunter who chased the sleep then was replaced by a sedentary being who no longer needs to make these short bursts of hunting activity up to 7 times a day to survive. The more exercise that many cats will walk into the food bowl, then look for another sunny place to rest in. Not ideal for size.

Unfortunately, as many of us who have tried to lose weight know that as soon as you have these extra fat cells, scream for more food. Food restriction means that you are hungry all the time. And a hungry cat is a cat that is unhappy and most likely beat it around the head at 3am in the morning to tell you about this severe hunger situation.

A simple solution I found that can help increase the feeling of satiety is to give regular intervals predictable food. The idea is to closely imitate the way your animal ate in the wild. So, instead of giving 2 large meals a day and hoping that it will last your cat during the night and during the day can establish predictable intervals and feed your cat several small meals a day (ideally 4). This is a way for the PawBot can help. PawBot can be programmed to distribute small portions throughout the day, while ensuring that the total amount of food provided will meet (and not exceed) the daily needs of the animal.

What food to serve?

Of course, what limits with other automatic feeders is that you can not store meat or moist foods inside. As a veterinarian, I am a great advocate for raw meat and high protein foods for cats. Most dry foods are incredibly dense calories and have a much higher carbohydrate composition is ideal for cats. When you select a food brand, find one that has as much meat protein as possible, certainly not corn, soybeans and other grains first on the list of ingredients.

Cats are also poor drinkers and for any mascot owner who had a cat with urinary problems recommendation is a lot of moist food. The other problem is that dry food is not as complete as moist food and meat, so cats eat more calories through the mouth of moist food. Damp foods up to 80% water, while dry food represent about 5% water.

The ideal way to use the auto feeders for weight loss is to continue feeding food or various Cat Food Brands twice a day for breakfast and dinner, but allocate a very small amount of dry food for the other small snacks throughout the day. Day and night. You can find a teaspoon is all you need for 5 additional small meals of automatic feeding. Enough of an appetizer to keep the metabolism going and reduce the feeling of hunger during the diet phase.

What about quantity of food?

This can be difficult to determine by introducing various types of food. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions on your dry or canned foods can often overestimate your cat's nutritional needs, especially if your cat is less athletic. The simple answer is to feed the right amount of food to your cat's activity level. Start with the manufacturers guidelines, then place them in about 1/3 for weight loss. Then weigh your cat every week to see if he is eligible.

This is another area in the PawBot can help. In addition, the pet owner will provide an estimate of the cat's daily food intake.

Play with your cat!

A much more enjoyable to help your cat lose weight is to increase activity. Take your cat out with a strap outside, playing with a laser pointer toy, allow your cat to jump and jump to a fishing thread toy or throw some aluminum foil balls around. Many cats need to be taught to play and have periods where they feel more playful, to tune into these moments. Having a scheduled play time that your cat can count is a big fat busting routine to get and is also excellent for anxious cats. If you notice that your cat has a "crazy hour" around 18 hours when he competes around the house, access it and get toys and interact with him at the moment.