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PawBot Dimensions 2



  1. Approx Weight: 25 lbs  or  11.5Kg
  2. Approx Main body dimensions (without bowl extension) is just less than: 2'x2'x2'  (almost 2 feet cube)
  3. EXACT Main body dimensions (without bowl extentsion):    23.23" (W) x   23.7" (L) x 22.28" (H)
  4. Bowl extension dimensions approx 8" (L) and approx 4" (Bowl height). If your pet is extremely tiny (perhaps under 5lbs (2.5Kg), please check if your pet's chin can reach a bowl where top rim is at 4" high prior to placing your order.




PawBot Unplugged features:

  1. 18 can capacity(5.5oz & 3 oz). All brands of cans supported as described here: What type & quantity of food cans can be used with PawBot
  2. Timed dispense cycles
  3. Smart-Feed option 

Please note that Unplugged model has no WiFi, Camera, sound and remote access. (These options are available in other models)

Price: $3599

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL: Under review / revision

ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE: Please see: Launch Status

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MODEL #2:  PAWBOT PRO  (Most Popular! Best Value!)  

In addition to all the features of PawBot Unplugged, PawBot Pro model also has:

  1. WiFi capability - connects to your home WiFi
  2. Camera to take photos/ videos of your pet. Camera can optionally be turned off.
  3. Sound: When a can is opened and food is dispensed in a fresh bowl, PawBot will play a standard sound tune and message.  So your pet feels closer to you, you can change this standard sound by recording your own message by selecting "Record Dispense Sound" from Settings menu on the LCD touch screen panel. 
  4. Secure remote access which will work with your PC, tablet, mobile device. All data transmissions are secure and encrypted. Using this feature you can receive status information from your PawBot at home. PawBot can send you alerts such as when food cans supply is low. You can send commands to PawBot and change settings remotely. You can also view photo/ video gallery and even shutdown the camera if prefer not to use that feature.

MSRP: $3999

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL: Under review / revision

ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE: Please see: Launch Status

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PawBot Engage has all the features of PawBot Pro and in addition the PawBot Engage model has an interactive engage mode. Put your robot in an interactive Engage Mode whereby PawBot Engage's control knobs you can control PawBot Robot Arm. Easy training video will be made available so you can quickly learn how to use this feature. You can also enable record mode and record a series of motions and have PawBot Robot play these motions back.  Adult supervision is advised if you are planning to let your kids use this Engage feature. 

MSRP: $4799

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL: Under review / revision

ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE: Please see: Launch Status

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