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If you are tired of gadget manufacturers trying to catch your attention by slapping on the word "robot" to their devices, then fear no more. PawBot Robot is here and it is not only a robot by definition, it actually looks like one, performs like one and is fully autonomous, which means it knows what to do and you don't have use a remote control device to make it perform its normal duties. PawBot is a functional robot, which means it actually performs a functional, physical task.

 Autonomous functionality does not make PawBot dangerous. It will not take over the world, or your laptop or phone.  PawBot is smart and has sufficient programming to perform the task it is designed to do. It has many self checks programmed in, such as :

  1. Keeping an eye on any pet food cans added or removed from the unit. PawBot has eyes which it uses to inventory new cans.
  2. Bowl food sensor. PawBot uses a weight sensor under the bowl to detect when bowl is empty and can serve another bowl of fresh food as needed.
  3. Keep itself clean. When wet food is served, PawBot gripper can get dirty. PawBot uses first uses the wash bucket (usually soap & water), and then the rinse bucket (usually vinegar & water). 
  4. Automatic can size detection. PawBot's grippers have smart feedback, so when handling a can, PawBot can sense which can size it has and it can adjust various parameters within its programming automatically. There is no input required by the user.