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Can I talk to PawBot? Will it talk back to me?

Not yet, but in a later free upgrade, yes.  

PawBot team is committed to make making PawBot the best functional robot. We are currently not focused on making PawBot a social robot to interact with .. at least not quite yet. PawBot does have the necessary hardware (speakers, microphone, eyes, processing capability and wiring) to allow it to gain social skills using a future software update.

Such an update will be free of charge to all PawBot owners. Please note that only PawBot models PawBot Pro & Engage will receive such an update. PawBot Unplugged model does not have the hardware like speakers, microphone or WiFi to allow us to update it with social skills.

What are Input voltage / power requirements?

PawBot is designed to run on 110-120V with 2.5 amps consumption.

If you are in Japan with 100V electricity, please use step up transformer with 500W or higher rating:

If you have 220V electricity, you can purchase a 220V to 110V step down converter rated at 300 watts or higher rating. Higher rating is better, so 500watt rated converters would be preferred.  Example: 

How does the dispense cycle work?

Dispense cycle can be triggered either at a preset time or by using "Smart-Feed" option. This is a one time easy setup. Once you setup your choice, you likely don't have to keep changing this setup, unless you want to.  You can also suspend PawBot operations temporarily by simply selecting "Suspend Robot" from the PawBot's touch screen LCD or your mobile device if you are home and would rather feed your pet yourself on any given day.

Preset Time option:  You can program up to 4 dispense times per day and each dispense time can serve 1 or 2 cans per dispense cycle - i.e. up to 8 cans per day.  

Alternatively you can select "Smart-Feed" option with maximum number of cans to dispense per day. In Smart-Feed option mode PawBot will constantly check the weight of the food remaining in the bowl and when the bowl is empty, PawBot uses an algorithm to figure out how soon to dispense the next can automatically. If your pet eats at random times, using Smart-Feed is a great option to let PawBot feed your pet as needed.

Can I rent PawBot when I go on my next vacation?

Great idea!  Unfortunately we are not offering this option at this time. You are however welcome to get together with some of your local friends and purchase a PawBot unit to share among your families when you take vacations at different times during the year.


You will also find that PawBot is a great helper on a daily use since you don't have to worry about feeding your pet(s) every day. PawBot will free you from this task so you can get ready and go to work without worrying about this additional task.

What type & quantity of food cans can be used with PawBot?

  1. Capacity: You can load up to 18 cans of dog or cat food and PawBot will open 1 can at a time and serve your pet the food from opened can in a fresh bowl during each dispense cycle.
  2. Can sizes (USA):  PawBot can handles two can sizes: 5.5oz (156g) and 3oz (85g).  Just load them in and PawBot will automatically figure out which size they are and adapt its functions to match the can size.  
  3. Brands: All brands of regular pet food cans for dogs and cats we have tested work fine. Most testing was done with US based brands. See far below notes for non-USA brands, sizes.
  4. Can types: Both pop-top cans (with pull tab) and those without pull tabs work fine with PawBot.
  5. Can material: Both steel and aluminum material cans work fine with PawBot.
  6. Mixing can sizes:  There are 3 can stacks positions allowed inside PawBot. On each of these stack positions, you can stack up to 6 cans on top of each other, hence maximum capacity is 18 cans.  Each stack can contain food cans of either of the two sizes. For example, a stack could contain any of the two sizes stacked on top of each other, but all cans in any one stack should all be the same size. You can have 1 stack of large size, and two stacks of small size or vice versa. However, please do not mix can sizes within a single stack as this can confuse the robot's assumptions and the dispense cycle could fail with possible damage to robot arm.
  7. Non-USA / international brands: PawBot programming is based on dimensions of cans rather than weight of cans. If you are not in USA, please measure the height and diameter of your pet food can and please email us before purchasing. Currently PawBot can handle two can sizes as noted just below. We can work with you to easily adapt PawBot to your country's can size.  Current setting:
    1. Larger can:  Height range: 1.45" - 1.6"   (3.8cm - 4.1cm) approx.     Diameter range: 3.3"-3.45"  (8.3cm - 8.7cm) approx.
    2. Smaller can:  Height range: 1.4" - 1.5"   (3.5cm - 3.8cm) approx.     Diameter range: 2.38"-2.6"  (6.0cm - 6.6cm) approx.

Warranty & Return Policy

  • PawBot is warrantied free of defects for 1 year. If there are any problems with your PawBot we will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues. Extended 5 year and 10 year warranties are available for an extra charge. Details will be posted later. 
  • You have 30 calendar days to return an item from the date you receive it. Shipping costs cannot be refunded. Additionally, there is a  7% restocking fees. All returned products must be returned in new condition, in the original box, and with all accessories to ensure you receive credit. You must include a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). To get an RMA, please email us and please provide details with reason for return.  Once we receive your returned product, you can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase within 30 days.
  • No returns are accepted after 30 days, but we are happy to work with you to correct any problems noted.

Shipping Policy

  • All shipments will be via UPS (within North America) and DHL (outside North America).
  • All orders within lower 48 USA states are shipped FREE of charge.
  • All other non-USA (international) orders will have shipping surcharge that will range between $25 - $80 depending on destination country.
  • We are unable to ship to PO Boxes, or an FPO or APO destinations.

Can I get status updates and control my PawBot when I am traveling?

PawBot Pro & PawBot Engage models can be setup to work via your home WiFi. Once this setup is done, your PawBot can send photos/ videos of your pet to your PawBot cloud. Your PawBot will also send status updates.  Using your PC, tablet (iPad, Android tablet) or mobile device (Apple, Windows or Andriod), you can also send commands to your PawBot.  All your data is secure and can be accessed when you login to your PawBot cloud service. PawBot cloud service is free at this time and will remain free forseeable future.

When will PawBot launch and start shipping?

For up to date schedule information, please see: Launch Status

To sign up to be notified: Join Our Waitlist

What Languages does PawBot support?

Currently PawBot supports only English. Adding new languages is easy. When you place your pre-order, please request your preferred language.  If there are at least 5 people requesting your language, then we will add that language to PawBot. You will be able to switch to English or any other language included within PawBot unit simply by using the LCD panel on the PawBot unit.