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PawBot Team is based in Chicago area. We are part of Chicago Robotics club as well as Workshop 88 Maker Group.  Our passion for keeping our pets healthy by feeding them wet food and leveraging technology to make our life simple led to the idea of creating a robot to solve this long standing problem of creating a high capacity wet food cat feeder, which works just as well for dogs, since many of us have both cats and dogs!

Bob Magyar

Robert Magyar, Electronics

Bob has 20+ years experience in

Electronics & PCB Engineering.

Brandon Vaughn

Brandon Vaughn, Design

Brandon has 15+ years as an

industrial & mechanical designer

kevin tye

Kevin Tye, Marketing Manager

Kevin leads marketing and outreach efforts.


Meena Taneja, Software

Meena has 19 years experience

as a Software Developer.


Sky, Motivator

Sky hates dry food. This resulted in

PawBot becoming a necessity.


Chip, Plastics

25+ years in plastic parts



Bryant, Metal Fabrication

10+ years in leading Metal

Parts Manufacturing

Kyra Michon

Kyra Michon, Founder

Kyra researches Neurotech (brain

machine interface) & social media


Juan, Mechanical Engineering

18+ years in product manufacturing

and mechanical design optimization

Bruce Taneja

Bruce Taneja, Robotics

Bruce has been building robots for

5+ years and has 20+ years in IT.

Steve Purduski

Steve Purduski, Data Security

25+ years in Technology Data

Systems & Encryption