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To make our life simple! To be free to go out of town without arranging for a reliable pet sitter. Free to stay late at a party and sleep late the next day morning. 

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Have you worried about how to feed your dog or cat canned food when you needed to:

  1. Work late at office
  2. Travel for a business trip
  3. Short vacation out of town
  4. Go to an after work party
  5. Stay out Friday night
  6. Sleep in late, when your pet gets hungry at 6am
  7. Go out running errands and you are worried that you might forget to feed your furry friend

For our pet's health. We love our pets so much that we don't want to leave them with carbohydrate loaded dried food pellets when we can't be home to open a can of protein based food for them.  Please see: Is dry food killing your pet?

All this motivated us to build PawBot. We leveraged technology to solve this challenge. Functional robots are increasingly being used in factories and we muse about have helper robots in our homes when we see science fiction movies. We are making it happen. Revolution is here. Welcome PawBot, the helper robot to your home and make your life simpler.